Midway Veterinary Hospital is proud to provide the following services to our clients:

Avian and Exotic Medicine
    • Wellness care for your avian, reptilian, amphibian or exotic companion mammal family members
    • Vaccination protocols appropriate for your species
    • Nutritional and husbandry counseling
    • Diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury
    • Surgical procedures
    • In-house diagnostic laboratory allows for rapid screening of most species
    • Partnered with outside diagnostic laboratories specializing in exotics for additional or advanced testing
Dentistry and Oral Health Care with Radiographs
    • Dental cleaning, scaling and polishing
    • Digital dental radiology - allows for thorough assessment of all teeth
    • Dental extractions
    • Small mammal incisor and molar trimming utilizing specialized dental burs
    • Oral fracture repairs
    • Beak trimming and fracture repairs
Diagnostic Imaging
    • Digital Radiography
      • Allows for quicker and more accurate imaging for your pet
      • Radiographs can easily be sent to specialists when required
    • Digital Dental Radiography
      • Allows for a thorough oral health assessment both above and below the gumline
      • Ensures there are no retained tooth roots following extractions
      • Allows monitoring of tooth-saving procedures like closed root planing
    • Ultrasonography
      • Allows evaluation and even measurement of internal organs and structures
      • Aids in collection of fluids and tissue samples
Geriatric Care
    • Senior Wellness screening for early detection of disease
    • Customized diets, medications and supplements to help keep your pets mobile and active
    • Therapeutic drug monitoring for those on chronic medications
Hospice and Euthanasia Services
    • We offer hospice care to help keep your companion comfortable during their final days
    • Humane euthanasia services ensure a peaceful transition when its time for your animals to cross over the rainbow bridge
In-House Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Routine blood testing for both wellness screening and detection of disease
    • Urinalysis - screening for infections, bladder stones and other diseases
    • Fecal screening - for parasites, bacteria, gastro-intestinal bleeding
    • Skin and ear mite checks
    • Cytology - skin, ears, masses
International and Domestic Health/Travel Certificates
    • We offer official health and travel certificates for travel with your animals within the United States.
    • USDA certified to provide international health certificates
    • Pre-travel rabies titres and other required blood testing
    • Contact our office early for international travel as many locations require several months to fully prepare
Laser Therapy Treatments
    • Companion therapy laser can decrease swelling and inflammation leading to reduced pain
    • Speeds wound healing time leading to a faster recovery
    • Beneficial for a variety of conditions including:
      • Surgical incisions/wounds
      • Traumatic injuries, cuts and bites
      • Arthritis/degenerative joint disease
      • Hip dysplasia
      • Chronic otitis/ear infections
      • Cystitis - inflammation of the bladder
      • Gingivitis/Stomatitis - inflammation of the gums and oral tissues
      • Post-dental extractions
      • Lick granulomas
      • Allergies
      • Feline acne
    • Microchips provide permanent identificaton for your pet
    • Microchipped pets are far more likely to be returned if lost than those without a chip
    • International travel generally requires permanent identification like a microchip
Pain Management
    • Pain management options for both acute and chronic pain states
    • Joint supplements and nutraceuticals to help keep your companions mobile and active
    • Laser therapy can control swelling and inflammation associated with many conditions
Pediatric Care
    • Vaccination protocols specific to your pet's species, age and lifestyle
    • Parasite detection and prevention
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Spay and neuter surgery
Prescription Veterinary Diets
    • Prescription diets can help treat or prevent a variety of diseases
    • Prescription diets may also aid in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight for your pet
    • Ask us if a special diet might be right for your pet
Preventative and Wellness Care
    • Vaccines with protocols according to your pet’s age, needs and lifestyle
    • Parasite detection and prevention
    • Nutritional counseling
    • Early detection blood and urine screening
    • We perform a variety of surgical procedures on dogs, cats, exotic mammals, birds and reptiles
    • Routine procedures such as spays and neuters
    • Growth removals and biopsies
    • Fracture repairs
    • Foreign body surgery
    • Cystotomies - bladder stone removal
    • Surgery for egg binding
    • Shell fracture repairs
    • Adrenalectomies
    • Many more
Veterinary Pharmacy
    • Prescription medications available in dosing forms appropriate for a wide variety of species
    • Prescription diets to help with many diseases
    • Supplements and nutraceutical products