The Dizzy Fund

Tony Poutous, VMD has been an advocate and active participant in rescue work for many years and continues to this day.  The Dizzy Fund accepts donations in order to help offset the rising costs of veterinary care for animals in need that are hoping for a last chance at life.  Below is a brief history of how the Dizzy Fund was created:

The Dizzy Fund was founded by Ruth Ann MacQueen, DVM in 1991, named after an orange tabby kitten that was rescued from Chesapeake Animal Services.  The fund was formed to collect donations to help offset the cost of veterinary care for Dizzy.  He had a condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which caused his motor skills to be compromised.  While this abandoned kitty had special needs, Dizzy was certainly capable of living a good, long and healthy life.  The response was amazing and without that support, Dizzy wouldn’t have been given that last chance.  The Dizzy Fund was born and it continues to help animals in need today.

The donations made to the Dizzy Fund make it possible for Tony Poutous, VMD to perform regular rescue work for a wide variety of animals in need.  Midway Veterinary Hospital events and contests benefit the Dizzy Fund directly, unless otherwise stated.  No matter how big or small, every donation made to the Dizzy Fund is greatly appreciated. We may not be able to save them all, but we can start one at a time.